Strategic Search Solutions

Our sole focus is to help clients find the best talent to meet their commercial and strategic goals. These can be extremely complex challenges. We ensure you get the best solutions through our selection of tailored services and make complex processes feel simple. We do this using our selection of tailored services.

Executive Search

Our team specialises in Board, C-Level appointments and technical positions at the senior management level across all businesses. Based across Ireland, the team focus on developing long-term relationships with a diverse network of current and future leaders.

We engage with senior talent in focused fields every day, using our 20+ years of combined experience, comprehensive market maps, data and relationships to source talent. While traditional search firms will normally start each mandate with a blank canvas, the candidates we target for senior appointments have often been known to us for many years before they reach the management level.

Non-Executive Directors

Our ability to identify and secure senior executives for your leadership team also extends to board appointments. Hadfield Green recognises that when a board thrive so too does the organisation. Through our deep understanding of board functionality and dynamics, we can leverage our search expertise to help you find the right board member to realize your strategic objectives. We help clients to build qualified, experienced and diverse boards to deliver superior capability to your business.

Interim Leadership Positions

We know that the pace of change across your organisation and industry is relentless. We appreciate that change doesn’t stop for anyone and that there may be times when your organisation faces a sudden departure of critical leadership – or when a critical project arises that requires a temporary niche skill-set not present in your day-to-day leadership team.

We can identify the right leadership quickly for you to fill a short-term gap in your leadership team. We are connected with a highly-specialised network of professionals who will not only ‘keep the lights on’ while you search for the right leadership, but they will also work to enhance the organisational goals and add significant value in the short-term.

Talent Mapping

Hadfield Green develops comprehensive market mapping, targeting relevant organisations and talent pools. At Hadfield Green, we gather intelligence around the availability of top tier talent with specific experience and skill sets relative to your sector and geography. We create detailed reports illustrating who’s who in your industry as a vital guide in your workforce development strategy and competitor benchmarking.

Candidate Testimonials

Hiring the right leadership team to drive your technology strategy