Our executive search process culminates in the delivery of a pool of relevant and interested executives who best fit your needs and includes five main phases.

Understanding Your Needs

We develop an intimate understanding of your business and its objectives. From the outset, the team consults with key stakeholders to gain an insight into your strategy, opportunities and challenges. We develop close working relationships with you throughout, to ensure a transparent and discerning search process.

Establish A Realistic Candidate Profile

Whether your business is trying to expand into new markets, trying to keep pace with change or streamlining internal operations, our team works with you to determine the type of executive needed to meet these challenges. Our consultative process determines the industry experience, skills and traits needed to be effective in your organisation. This talent profile allows us to benchmark prospective candidates throughout the process to determine suitability.

Attract the best

Hadfield Green presents a strong slate of qualified executives who are motivated, capable and willing to meet your organisational needs. We provide detailed appraisals of each executive for your review allowing you to select candidates for internal interviews. We give you every support to help you move towards a decision. This can extend to scheduling and hosting interviews, candidate travel and accommodation support, relocation, negotiation and offer. Our goal is to provide you with a service that complements your current process and also ensures the best possible candidate experience.

Identify The Best Talent

We get to work leveraging our extensive networks, industry insights and outstanding research capabilities to map the best of the talent pool relevant to you. Our partners have worked ‘in industry’ and possess deep roots in your sector. Armed with our appreciation for your organisational challenges and the nuances within your industry our skilled research team conducts exhaustive research targeting relevant organisations and candidates locally and internationally best qualified for your role.

Present Most Qualified Candidates

Hadfield Green works with you to create the best possible representation of the opportunity and your employer proposition. This, combined with our outstanding network and research, ensures we bring the very best talent to the table for consideration. Our team evaluates prospective team members through in-depth discussions using behavioural and competency-based interviewing techniques. We benchmark performance against the agreed candidate profile in an objective manner.

Client Testimonials

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